Foiling a Kidnapping

by Lea

Magic was so emotionally charged today. I was trying to cast the rope spell and instead of making rope I got intense fantasies about bondage. It had me both in the dominant and submissive role, and at the time I really was into the idea. Now, though… I don’t know. I’ve never done anything anywhere near to bondage–closest is… as close to bondage as eating fish is to vegetarianism. But I’m currently single and experimenting would definitely require history and trust with my partner, and so for now it doesn’t matter if I’m into it or not.

I was casting the spell to get myself up to the first threshold, and I still had to do that. Instead of casting the rope spell again, I knew I’d blush if I made rope right then, I tried a mana bolt, and Leo and Lia did too. Our resonances showed for the first time. Leo’s was a sphere of darkness with lightning streaking through it, Lia’s was a ball of winds, and mine was fire that smelled wonderful. It was just woodsmoke, but I got lost for a little bit in memories associated with that smell. I was sitting around a campfire after dinner with some people roasting marshmallows, and getting ready for singing and telling stories, with everyone content and prone to laughter. Then inside wrapping Christmas presents and drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace, humming carols to myself and anticipating reactions when the presents were opened.

 Then Lia disguised me and Leo–him with just a hood and dark eye makeup and me as a boy so I wouldn’t get kidnapped. I didn’t look that convincing, I was on the line between girly boy and lesbian but hopefully most people took me for the first one. This morning Lia had uncovered a Russian sex trafficking ring and a kidnapping plot that would take place tonight. So of course we decided to save the girls who were going to be kidnapped and collect evidence so the police would arrest the men.

The plan was that Leo would wait outside and be backup. Lia would get herself kidnapped, collect evidence, and then escape. My task was to intercept the girls and get them out of there. This was the first time I’ve ever approached girls with them thinking I’m a guy, and I have to admit that it was kind of… free feeling in comparison to usual. I could just come out and be a little flirtatious and not wonder if I’m hitting on a straight girl, which I definitely was, but not with the intention of doing anything other than dancing with them. The were willing to leave, but only if I left with them, so I took them to another club. They bought me a drink, we had a dance, and I was reminded why trying to meet girls at a club is a terrible idea. Like everyone there, there was just no way to get a sense of who they are beyond tipsy and confident and beautiful enough to show off their bodies. After as short a time paying attention to them as I could do without feeling like a total scumbag, I got them dancing with actual guys so I could leave and help with the kidnapping situation.

Back at the first club, I joined Leo and we got ready to go in and help Lia take out the kidnappers. Lia did a good job before we got there and all but two kidnappers were down, and she would have managed except that Heidi was kidnapped too and apparently caused all sorts of problems. She got shot in the head, but had an amulet around her neck that appeared to be healing her, so there was nothing I could really do to help. Lia was unhurt, and Leo and I incapacitated the two remaining kidnappers easily. Then Lia tied them up and we called the police and left Lia’s recording as evidence at the scene.