Seeing Myself

by Lea

I had nightmares again last night. I woke up anxious and drained. My usual solution of running and hoping to click into a runner’s high wasn’t an option. Even though it’s healing well, I had a bullet in my side yesterday. We were all so lucky the bullets were small and didn’t hit anything important. Even Leo’s knee will heal completely–turns out Heidi was looking for a different Leo, but was far more of an idiot than I took her for and shot Leo in the knee without confirming his identity. After convincing myself that running was not an option today, I instead decided to go grocery shopping. I asked Lia if she had any requests, and she did–to come with me.

On the way I asked her what her read on me was. It felt on topic and I’ve been so curious since she said she was good at reading people. She hardly even had to think about it, and then I was suddenly revealed to myself–and how she saw me was just beautiful. “You’re a very good person, and Leo and I are right to trust you so quickly. You would never betray a friend.” I felt so exposed. “You carry your own weight, make your own way, so that…” something about helping others who can’t as well and living a full and interesting life. And then she asked me about what I saw in her, and we talked about friendship and how we both tend to consider people friends too soon for the other person and how Leo doesn’t do that, but she says that he’ll stick around and try to protect us.

Back home, I spent time researching the ritual where you speak someone’s name to bring them back. Between that research and all of us being full on mana now, hopefully I’ll sleep well tonight.