Deaths and Plans

by Lea

Ella’s dead too, and so are Lyle, Jennie, Matt, and Kelly. Frank was out of the blast zone at the time and survived.  If our intel is accurate, reincarnation is a thing, and if death mana is any indication death is a peaceful silent end, but not a permanent end because of reincarnation. My primary emotion is relief–that I know, that some of my coworkers survived, and that Frank was one of the ones who survived.  I really didn’t want him to be dead, not that I wanted anyone to be dead, but Frank was the one I kept worrying about. When I finally got his texts he wanted me to call him so he could hear my voice, so I’m now worried that he’s not taking steps toward moving to friendship, but he hasn’t had that much time so maybe it’s okay?

 Maybe Lia can give me insight! She claims to be good at reading people and did a good job on the lady who came to see us, and seemed to know stuff about Leo and why he wants the death mana, which is because it’s comforting to him and he’s afraid of death. If those are really his reasons, which I’m just going to trust is true, then he can definitely have it.

 On the Lia front, the more I get to know her the more I think my first impulse was right. Yes, I can’t deny that she’s both incredibly gorgeous and physically my type, but more importantly I think we’re going to have so much fun developing our magic and learning how to deal with the magical world around us together. We’d been debating over who got which spell seeds and getting no where. Leo and I butt heads constantly and I haven’t figured out how to keep that from happening. She took two and put them in her pocket without looking. She gets it. When Leo asked if we’d looked she replied, “That would ruin everything!”

 We made a code so that we could communicate how suspicious or trustworthy people we meet are without them knowing. We decided that using names was a really good idea. We got Leo excited about this, too, and he named his regalia right then for us to use in our code until Lia and I name ours. I did name my familiar Ariel. I’ve never been so excited to meet someone sketchy.

Lia thinks mana is natural, not good or bad. I like that idea. I’ve now absorbed all the types that I thought might be bad: anger and fear, and also death. Enjoying death mana doesn’t morally bother me at all. Fear does a little. It’s better than a good horror movie, better than looking out a plane about to jump. That part’s a trip, and I want more of it. The part I feel a bit morally dirty about is that it’s also enjoying the power of causing fear in others.

Tomorrow I’m going to get started on studying magic.