A More Dangerous London Than We Knew

by Lea

Lia, Lea, and Leo (Le^3? The Lees? We have so much potential for a snappy group name) feels more permanent to me today. Does it feel that way for them? This is one of those things I can never figure out, and really hope I’m not wrong. Leo seems to be overly protective of us both. That’s a good sign, right? And we made plans for tomorrow, at least, with talk of next week, except we were pretending that I was an American tourist and they were showing me around, which isn’t really that much of a stretch, but the point is I don’t know if that was real planning or just our act.

We gathered mana today. You find it, and then absorb it, and absorbing it is the best thing I’ve ever felt. My god it could get addictive, but I’m not worrying about that because mana means we’ll just come back automatically if we die and no mana means something about your name being said at a fountain before you can come back, so as long as we can resist becoming a mana-junkies we’ll be fine. We’ll be great.

When you absorb the mana you feel the joy of the quality of it. The first one I absorbed was passion or devotion. Maybe it was because it was my first one, but I think it was my favorite. Leo was dead set against me and Lia absorbing death mana. He insisted that he should do it. I don’t understand what’s so bad simply about death. Killing, yes, but that’s not all that death is. Anger is worse. I absorbed an anger mana. It was the joy of being angry. I don’t want more of that. I don’t think any of us should absorb any more of that.

Now for the hard parts of today.

Still no word from Frank.

 London is more dangerous now. Apparently monster-creatures will now be drawn to us. Leo was absorbing a mana from the subway tracks, which was already dangerous and I was worried because you kind of get dazed and out of it for a while after absorbing mana because it feels so good. I was helping him off the tracks, when Lia grabbed my arm and pointed to… what we later learned was called a soulless. He looked like a businessman with glowing eyes. The train was early. The soulless leapt onto the tracks and was hit. It was horrifying. We’re going to be drawing these creatures to us? We’re going to have to learn how to fight.

 I don’t like thinking about the horror of the moment.

Mr. Paternoster is dead. He was killed by some… green something beast. It’s looking for us, but he said in his journal that we’re strong enough to beat it. Does this mean kill it? I’m going to have to be strong enough to do that. I won’t play the helpless damsel in this adventure.

 Leo and I talked about what to do with his body. Call the cops? Deal with being part of an investigation when we really look like the culprits? Call his gangster friends and do something illegal? Lia found the answer in his journal. We cremated him. We had learned the spell from him. It burns things.

Tomorrow it’ll be more clear. We have decisions to make that require clear heads. Decisions are always better made over breakfast than in the darkness.