by Lea

Today, while at a demonstration near the London Eye, the Pole Star fell. Myself, and two others–Leo, and Lia–saw the sky burn away and we saw the second sky. We see patches of it still. Then the star fell and exploded. Pieces of the star tore through the crowd, turning people to ash as they touches them. Not the three of us. This is our first life, so we wouldn’t die. The star burned into our hearts. My heart feels warmer now, not metaphorically, but actually warmer.

 We died, but the pieces of star had enough mana that we came back. From now on as long as we have mana we’ll always come back. We’re mages now, not wizards. Apparently there’s a difference, and there’s a glossary, except it’s written in German, which would be terribly inconvenient except that Lia speaks German and hopefully wouldn’t mind translating.

 I’m getting ahead of myself. We woke up in the astral. Surrounded by skeletons and we saw this scavenger-monster looking for pieces of life. I was a bit panicked, indecisive, lost in a fog trying to remember who was near me, who the skeletons were. Leo kept his head. We seem to be at least temporarily teaming up.

 I hope its more permanent. I would love to get to know Lia and get past my initial impression of incredibly beautiful. I would love to figure out how Leo was so calm. He ran for the boundary between the astral and the real world. Lia and I followed. Leo suggested we get out of there. There were police and EMTs and bodies. My gut instinct is that I’m going to be great friends with both of them.

I haven’t heard from Frank. He apologized to me this morning and brought me the most American breakfast he could find. Where was he? Was he one of the skeletons?

Leo suggested we leave. My apartment was closest, so I invited them over. Lia made tea. I examined the mark on Leo’s back where the star hit him. His clothes were burnt, but the skin was already healed.

 This has to be a dream, he suggested, so I pinched him. He pinched me back. Neither of us woke up. He told me to punch him, and I guess I was up on adrenaline and I hit him way harder than I expected to. I gave him ice and determined that there was no damage beyond an unavoidable bruise. 

Lia took us to Paternoster’s Emporium, where we’re sleeping tonight. Mr Paternoster is the one who told us about the stars in our hearts and everything. We’re all going to go looking for mana tomorrow.